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Samuel Adams on the Right to Bear Arms: Liberty Matters

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KrisAnne Hall on The Meeting That Never Happened

TMM Editor’s Note:  Despite the few minutes of electronic confusion at the start of this video, the reader should simply bear with it for a true blessing on fundamentals of our Constitution and its relation with the several States which created it. This presentation is fiery and brilliant as it commemorates the meeting at the town of John Day, Oregon, to which LaVoy Finicum and other cowboy patriots were going when the Oregon government and federal government ambushed and assassinated LaVoy Finicum, wounded by gunshot Ryan Bundy, and then terrorized and arrested Shawna Cox and others with them. What the government death squad shut down before our cowboys’ message of Constitutional law could be heard that day, KrisAnne Hall delivered a year later in this outstanding course-study on the nature of our Constitution as the vehicle of a “More Perfect Union” for the several States. This is a TMM favorite. Enjoy!

Here is a really good history of English “law” as it evolved through the centuries. This is important knowledge (with KrisAnne’s colorful notations and tidbits of related facts aside) for understanding the perceptions and thinking of the United States’ Founders at the time they created our Constitution. It throws light on what we today call the “Original Intent”, and is good stuff for all Americans to know.

The Genealogy of the Constitution by Kris Anne Hall



And another TMM favorite — KrisAnne Hall at the Press Club with her “I Do Not Consent” presentation.  Dynamite!

Liberty is our inherent possession, not government gift

Announcing the Liberty First University _ A brief introduction

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