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The Mental Militia would like to introduce readers to an electrifying researcher who has a knack for anticipating motives and intents behind the scenes, as it were, in the hyper-active electro-magnetic vibratory  world of quantum computing.

“DJ” is her name, and research is her game. But not just any ol’ routine research — DJ works in the field of “system and network engineering”.  DJ joined The Mental Militia in the summer of 2015 and quickly showed her powerful and unique approach to communicating knowledge of cutting edge science ranging from the Geospatial Intelligence community to the Pentagon and NSA to the cosmic world of quantum computing, and any related entity. She is a Patriot, a self-styled whistle-blower, a Constitutional advocate who happily reveals things which certain “powers that be” would prefer you and I never see.

Let us ease into her presentation on the Caravan To Midnight show by simply stating this small teaser —

We are looking at the takeover of world control by a system of quantum computers erected and directed by globalizing Technocratic financiers who control the world’s regional economies and leverage dispersion of multiple international governmental assets and corporate sector businesses to promote their plans for a “New World Economic Order”1 being operated by both “state” and “non-state” Actors. These financiers are mapping the human terrain with plans to “Master The Human Domain”. DJ identifies their technology along with their intent.

The Mental Militia first discovered DJ and her Level 9 News while listening to a stunning show on Caravan To Midnight 2 with John B. Wells and DJ.  That was in June of 2015. It is a two-and-a-half hour show, and you’ll want to pause it often to write down your notes.  Get ready for in introduction to quantum computer networking, where you will learn from DJ that the elaborate quantum system which was running in the background behind the publicized military “exercise” named JADE HELM 15 has an actual artificial intelligence Awareness.

Learn about a “global information grid; a flexible, scalable, dynamic architecture able to support multi-lateral civilian and military operations.”  But there is so much more, so do take notes while studying this presentation from June of 2015.  The reason TMM is insisting that all Mentalitians study this video is because it was one of two crowning shows by John B. Wells in 2015. The other one which is about as long as this one, was Patrick Wood on Caravan To Midnight, in which Pat Wood laid out the infrastructure of the Trilateral Commission’s interface with the U.S. Federal government and the governments of various other world powers in a concerted application of the old platform of Technocracy. 3



1 – See Patrick Wood Landing Page for New World Economic Order

2 – http://caravantomidnight.com/

3 – https://eliasalias.com/2015/04/02/technocracy-rising-patrick-wood-on-caravan-to-midnight/

GeoINT: Casting A Neural Net On Humanity – RFID Not Required!

Minding what we think, all Mentalitians are of course expected to understand that the Founders of the American Republic, with an ever-watchful eye on the sovereignty of the several States which created the Union, deliberately overturned the entire political historical hierarchy of government. Our Founders renounced the top-down governmental structures of the total world history, tossing out with one document the “Divine Right of Kings”. This was a totally new and breath-taking move, the first of its kind in history.

The “People” would be in charge of their own governance, and the public servants, appointed or elected, would serve to “represent” the will of the people. This idea was revolutionary, and it upset the consciousness pool of the western world. It also threatened directly the concepts of control which elite rulers across Europe had worked to retain their power for centuries.

Mentalitians know that those very powers from Europe were present, or their interests were represented, at the forming of our Constitution, and they were anxious to implant policies in the new nation which would allow European powers to retain economic benefits. That history is touched upon in TMM’s section on Dr. Edwin Vieira’s random videos. 1

In response to what Zbigniew Brzezinski announced not long ago, the fact that for the first time in history a world-wide consciousness awakening to political awareness is threatening the status and control powers of the global elite, western science is put to the task of answering the challenge by use of quantum computer networks which are constructing a parallel universe in which every soul on this planet will be represented by a “node” on that network.

DJ is our source for insights into how the elite intend to conquer the human race. This is *real*, and it is being done *now* – a “clear and present danger” to freedom-minded Mentalitians everywhere.


1 – https://thementalmilitia.net/2016/01/16/edwin-vieira-videos/


DJ — The History of JADE II: Planetary Conquest By a Global A.I. Warfare System

From DJ’s comments under her YouTube channel’s presentation of the following video:

Published on May 19, 2015

This report’s been put out for those viewers who had difficulty understanding all of the technical aspects of the previous report on the JADE II system. While viewing this report replace the term ‘Robot’ and think ‘System’ in the context of the JADE II network centric command and control warfare program.

The explanations (subtitles) provided in this report are not meant to demonize technology. Technology in the right hands can feed the hungry, cure diseases, efficiently utilize resources and benefit humanity.
However, history has shown us that the Military Industrial Machine has never used technological innovation to the betterment of humanity.

TMM note:

DJ of Level 9 News
DJ of Level 9 News

Will “combat” go full automatic in a futurte dominated by mechanical warriors? Has the entire purpose of “defense” been transposed from protecting the tribe, in which valor, courage, bravery, loyalty, fidelity, and other such human emotions which have evolved across the millennial arch of time, into a quantum computerized and scientifically braced exploit of the primal urge to control and kill for purposes devoid of all moral standing?

View DJ’s video presentations, go sign up at her website, and let her know you’re with TMM.  Fox News is not likely to issue the appropriate warnings about this sort of science, and neither is any other popular news outlet — but Level 9 News is here to ensure all Mentalitians have this knowledge and awareness of tax-dollar-funded madness.

JADE II + GeoINT US Government Patents Remote MK Ultra

What is behind U.S. Patent Number 3951134?

That patent, as we learn from DJ’s research, involves distant brain wave monitoring and brain wave manipulation.

And what is behind U.S. Patent Number 6011991?

Answer: “Remote Brain Computer Interface” and “Remote Neural Monitoring”.

One may ponder – Why are federal and private sector contractors interested in remote brain-computer interface? What does that mean? You’ll see for yourself when you watch DJ’s video report above, but in a nutshell, this patent is proposing that a technology, perhaps only at present in an embryonic stage of development, be built, one which can monitor your and my brain wave activity from a danged satellite orbiting in space above the planet.

You read that correctly. Somebody wants to be able to monitor an individual’s brain wave activity as one walks about on the surface of planet earth. Said “somebody” wants to have the technology to beam the brain wave activity of any targeted individual up to a satellite which reads it and attracts it as data and then beams it back down to earth to a quantum computer network which has an individualized “node” corresponding to the observed (spied-upon) human being in real life. Mentalitians will do well to ponder ramifications and extensions of possibility associated with that kind of science, and with its potential applications. Let us never forget that cute little document that came out of the 7th Psychological Operations Group in the U.S.Army back in 1980 named “From PSYOP To MindWar”.

quantum computer Georgia Tech sodium atoms

A team of Georgia Tech researchers adjusts equipment used to study a gaseous Bose-Einstein condensate composed of sodium atoms. The condensate could be used for communicating among quantum computers. Photo: http://www.nanowerk.com/

Davos 2016: Issue Briefing: Infusing Emotional Intelligence Into AI


All Americans want to raise their families, enjoy the good life, learn ways to improve one’s station in life, learn about life’s secrets, celebrate the miracle of life on Planet Earth, enjoy relationships, plan fruitful and fulfilling activities with which to fill one’s days, and myriad sundry other things, such as providing creature comforts, career advancements or “job security”, building emotional attachments to sports or entertaining distractions or whatever other vents commonly exist for expressing one’s response to the miracle of life.

Mentalitians who see the benefits which come from monitoring with awareness the thought processes of one’s own mental states become aware that the emotion center provides the “quality” of the animation of any thought in the mind. No thought is totally void of emotional content.

Questions arise to the contemplative Mentalitian. Do emotions cause thought? Do thoughts cause emotions? How do one’s emotions affect one’s thoughts? How do thoughts affect one’s emotions? Presuming that thought and emotion are different phenomena operating under different processes in our ontological manifestation as a human being, why are those two aspects of the soul born with every human born on Earth?

What is a “thought” and how does a thought exist in the invisible mind? What is an emotion, and how does an emotion exist in consciousness? And of course all are curious to understand the connection between those interesting little neuro-cells which comprise about forty percent of the heart’s physical tissue? What is the connection between the brain and the heart muscle?

Well, science is searching for such knowledge, and many in the scientific community have a sordid motive in searching for answers to such questions. The people seeking a one-world government have vast resources, can fund university-level scientific study, can protect that with the force of governmental power and a stolen “authority”. They also manage the central banks of almost two hundred nation-states on the rosters of the United Nations.

Many overt and covert connections do exist, and journalists such as DJ are here to help expose those connections.  In following DJ’s reports all Mentalitians empower themselves with direct knowledge which can be used to fortify the individual mind against an onslaught which is so magnificently ominous that it defies description in simple terms. Science, in the hands of government, not only wants to dominate our brain activity — now it wants to dominate our very hearts as well.

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Video from July 26 2016 (below) should be viewed at DJ’s website please. I’m mirroring it here as it is anchored to her YouTube channel, but the Vimeo screen is on her dedicated page

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DJ on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report

April 11 2017

More Dynamite From DJ

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