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Shari Dovale is one busy patriot. She travels extensively to make personal coverage of breaking news events related to the Liberty movement. Focusing on issues which are commonplace concerns of  people in rural America generally and in the Redoubt particularly, Shari Dovale has rendered articles and videos of importance for readers at Redoubt News. A prime example of her access to strong insight on major events is this remarkable presentation Shari filmed with Washington State Representative, the Honorable Matt Shea. This newscast was the major bombshell which exploded in the Bundy trial in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the end of 2017, and is one which every American should view more than once. This video had a major impact on the trial, the judge, and the prosecution team. It surprised the nation and helped turn that trial into a Dismissal With Prejudice. View the power of honest journalism —


At Redoubt News you will find the true Statesmen in western State political action. Candidates seek the votes from Redoubt News readers, and are happy to be interviewed for the website. A Mental Militia favorite is Representative Heather Scott, who is a peerless champion of grassroots consciousness on all fronts, from individual property rights to States’ rights. Always true to the principles of America’s founding documents and the Constitution of Idaho, Heather Scott has rapidly gained experience in Idaho’s legislature and is happy to reveal the inner workings of government methodology.  Heather Scott makes good use of the publicity she gains through her relationship with Redoubt News. Here is straight talk by real people for real people in Idaho:


Shari Dovale’s Interview With Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch

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