Love’s Thought System

Two Vortexes

The Mental Militia functions on the premise that, on some if not all levels of psychic existence, there exist two thought systems.

Each of the two thought systems emanates from its respective vortex. We may think of the two vortexes as “Love” and “Fear”. Thus we speak of “Love’s Thought System” and “Fear’s Thought System”.

What we are suggesting is that every thought is identifiable as being a loving thought or a fear-based thought. A loving thought would emanate from “Love’s Vortex” in the psyche; and a fear-based thought would emanate from “Fear’s Vortex” — the two vortexes being the twinned sources of all thought.


Setting the Stage for Love’s Thought System

by Cyrellys Geibhendach

It was their custom [in ancient times] at the Feis of Tara to pass six days in feasting together before the sitting of the assembly: three days before Samhain and three days after it, making peace and entering into friendly alliances with each other. — Geoffrey Keating, Forus Feasa ar Eirinn.

How much we have forgotten about all that we once applied to our daily lives. Societal success, interrelational being, constructive governance once depended upon a way of thinking about not only ourselves but our neighbors, kinsmen, and the greater society as a whole. Within our methodology of thought lies the ability to be conscious of the ordering of our affairs, as well as bringing our selves into alignment with the blessings, effort, and opportunities presented in life. From within may rise a motivation that holds a higher purpose than self-servancy. But where can we find this deep well within ourselves and what are its components?

We know from experience, making peace between ourselves and others requires two things: the ability to speak the truth lovingly, and the ability to forgive and let go of issues that have muddied the way between us. This is Love’s Thought System in action.

As unique human beings with an immortal soul, we each have the capacity for discrimination, imagination, and spiritual adventure. The wisdom we gain from this journey is heavily dependent upon the thought system we choose to invest in it along the way, wherein our souls can be purposefully engaged and focused…deepening our soul-capacity.

There is a theory called the biophilia hypothesis which suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. The term biophilia was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital. Edward O. Wilson described the term as “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Aristotle coined the term philia, to mean friendship, evoking the idea of reciprocity and how friendships are beneficial to both parties and in more than just one way. All of this implies that humanity is hard-wired to a thought system that is both biological and spiritual in nature, and which can connect our “soul” to a divine reason which has entered the body and which is capable of knowing the eternally real and meaningful things of the universe.

The system of thinking we apply to life sets the pattern for all future life of men and circumstances. Spiritual wisdom evolves not in solitary mediation but when it is implemented in ordinary life. It is through this implementation that we are able to avoid the imbalances and delusions that may arise from a purely theoretical approach to life and spirituality. The discipline of applying such a relational system of thinking as Love’s Thought System allows synaptic leaps that land us in profound areas of realization and inter-relational being.

Love, itself, allows our own soul to have the space to speak to us. It allows us to cherish our dreams and recognize potential. It assists us with meditations that enhance our capacity for transmitting our values and participating in confluence of inspiration. It connects us in the most fundamental way with the universal space of the unseen world of universal consciousness, creativity, and sense of proportion.

In this time of conflict paradigm, it is highly apparent that so much of what we once applied to problems has fallen by the wayside. Too often now we resort to the knee-jerk response consisting of ‘you’re not like me,’ therefore we cannot work together or reconcile for the sake of the greater good. We have a deep and abiding need for results in our efforts to correct perceived wrongs but the tools we once possessed seem absent. In this a restoration of memory must be called…a cry out to the deepest human instinct for affinity to life. Then, in so calling, might rise the incubatory divine in each person, and those around he or she who answers that call shall respond:

“What is your name?”

Divine: “I am the poet of your future, Sovereignty [self-ownership]. I have come from your past to restore you to memory.”

Respondent: “Have you the power of prophecy called imbas forosnai?”

Divine: “I have indeed, for I am first and foremost, the Spirit of Love.”

From that point forward Love’s Thought System shall be more than metaphor…