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Lauralee O’Neil is the founder/owner of the grassroots organization named “This West Is Our West”. I subscribe to their newsletter, and recommend it to all my friends. The website is

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Lauralee and her close associates produced a landmark conference at the elegant Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana, last Autumn on October 13, 2018. When she told me about the lineup, I knew I had to be there! Dan Happel, Jeanette Finicum, Matt Shea, Elaine Willman, Alex Newman — these were folks I’d met before, and in addition to seeing those friends I could also get to meet Ammon and Lisa Bundy, and Christopher Kortlander, owner of the Custer Battlefield Museum, and others, like the Montana legislator Kerry White, who I knew would salt the wounds of federal lands mis-management in Montana. And there would be others, so I was pumped and thrilled to attend.

Photo: Ammon Bundy at “A ‘New’ Code Of The West” Conference, Whitefish, Montana, October 13 2019

The official videographer tasked with filming the entire conference was Jim White, founder and owner of NorthWest Liberty News, broadcasting out of Kalispell, Montana.  I subscribe to Jim’s email list and enjoy learning at his site:

So the Conference was a peak moment for me last year, and ever since I have been looking forward with anticipation to the Conference DVD set. As all things come to he who waiteth,  my dream came true as I got my DVD set in the mail. Just look at the front cover of the case. The artwork is classic understatement and conservatively beautiful —

This week I have enjoyed reliving that Conference by playing all six DVDs one at a time. I loved that Conference when I was there last Autumn, and now I can love it all over again any time I wish, and I can share it with neighbors and friends.  It took Lauralee a number of months to edit the whole collection, but she has done a great job with it and I’m excited all over again!

As I recall now, back on October 17, 2018, after calming myself a bit from the swirling impact of having attended this amazing conference, I posted at my personal website a review; a sort of brief recap of the conference under the title “A Conference Which Will Never End”.  I knew it would never end because I also knew that Lauralee O’Neil planned to create a DVD video recording of the conference to make the conference available to a wider audience. After much devoted editorial work, the DVD set is now selling and people from all over are enjoying the quality videos of conference speakers.  Once anyone knows what is contained in this DVD set, it becomes a “Must See!”  The price has been reduced to only $50.00, and that includes postage. My set arrived this week, with all six DVDs in one nice thick presentation case.

Each disc has a custom label with the speakers’ pictures, so it’s easy to pick whichever presentation one wishes to view next. There is a ton of old fashioned Americanism packed into this Conference, with prevailing family values, reverance for God and Country and all Good Neighbors — you know, our traditional American way of life. These speakers imparted much-needed information, assessment, and solutions for how we can retain our cultural heritage under our nation’s Constitution. As Lauralee has so aptly stated, this Conference does its share of “Cleaning out the Corruption from the Crooked Corral”. Order yours today!

Here is the back cover of the six-DVD set, showing all eleven featured speakers  —

Here is how to order your personal set of six DVDs covering the entire Conference.

To order by U.S. Mail, make check or money order for $50.00 (fifty dollars) payable to “This West Is Our West” and mail that to:

This West Is Our West

P.O. Box 3601

Kalispell, Montana 59903

If you prefer to order online, go to this page and follow instructions.

When you click on the “DONATE” button on the left side of that page, and enter the amount ($50.00), be sure to include your mailing address so your DVD set will find you. Be sure to check the box “Share your mailing address with…”  so that we know where to mail your videos!

Note: There are only a limited number of DVD sets in stock now, so don’t hesitate! Order yours today, and claim for yourself a video record of the Conference That Will Never End.


Shari Dovale and Bret of Redoubt News were also in attendance at the Conference. In this photograph they are interviewing Jeanette Finicum and Mark Herr while allowing me to film them doing the interview. Fun!

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