Dr. Carrie Madej on VacFactology August 01 2020

Dr. Carrie Madej Would Like A Word With You Please….

This good Doctor researches data.

Elias here for The Mental Militia:

With a Salute! to “JS” for introducing Doctor Carrie Madej, I would like to share a video (or three!) by this courageous, experienced, and knowledgeable newcomer to the Internet’s Army of Doctors-With-Conscience. Enjoy!


Want more? Let’s download all three of her videos to date, before the ‘Net-gods delete them! Here’s the next one, which she posted July 17 2020:

And here will be her third video, posted on August 01 2020. In this video Dr. Madej is speaking with an attorney to discuss legal/lawful climates around America for forcing you and me to accept vaccines which have not been properly tested and which, according to many professional sources are at this point highly suspect as being dangerous for any human who accepts those vaccines.

Thank you for viewing and for caring. Feel free to forward this email and/or the links to all three of Dr. Carrie Madej’s videos. Her front page on YouTube with links to each of the above videos is here —

PS: Don’t forget to read the description box below each video. I was pleased to see that she already is aware of Patrick Wood’s “Technocracy Rising” and other web operations.

Elias Alias

Innocence In The Crosshairs

2 thoughts on “Dr. Carrie Madej on VacFactology August 01 2020

  1. Please note that many doctors’ video reports concerning the cv19 inherent dangers are being disappeared from social media platforms at a rapid rate. I highly recommend all TMMers download the three videos above (and many others by doctors such as Dr. Buttar, Virologist Judy Mikovitz, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, et al) to keep them safe for spreading around to neighbors and friends, co-workers and family.
    We are facing a takeover by internationalists who wish to destroy American freedom and our customary heritage as self-owning individuals. Information is our best ammo for defending our country. Thank you for reading and spreading the word.

    1. Dr. Carrie Madej has a new video out. This one has very bad Internet disturbance so it takes patience to listen to it, but she does unload some important facts regarding vaccines and the greed-mongers who make them, among other tidbits.

      AUGUST 11 2020
      CV-19, the Vaccine, Gates and Other Dangers We Need to Awaken To
      1,740 views * Aug 11, 2020 * Dr. Carrie Madej


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