SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy. Lee Merritt, M.D.

SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy. Lee Merritt, M.D.

Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia;

The following video features Dr. Lee Merritt, M.D.

It was posted on YouTube on August 17 2020. Download now while it’s still on that platform.

Let me first add a couple of notes about points of importance to me personally in Dr. Merritt’s presentation. The video is packed with authentic science which disputes the narrative that has caused America to be locked-down, so I did not take many notes, but instead will recommend viewing the whole video. Here are just a couple of points which I did note —

EA NOTE:  at 38.43 in: HCQ with Azithromycin with Zinc > 7D sx =

500 patients, no deaths

Also EA Note: At 47:50 in, the CIA’s document creating “conspiracy theory” as defense against government lying. Google search on title shown at 47:50 gives this link (among others) by NYTimes –

And see these also! (from same search as above)

And this large readable pic is AAAAA

At 54:00 in, or a couple minutes before that, is a listing of some of the Gates Foundation sponsorship of cohorts in the vaccine industry and government health service offices seeking to control the American people and facilitate the United Nations’ quest to enfold America into their hoped-for New World Order.

Thank you each for viewing this one!


Elias Alias


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