Dr Carrie Madej Shines In This One

Dr Carrie Madej Shines

Elias Alias here for The Mental Militia

I cannot upload the video which is linked below, as YouTube doesn’t recognize a zip file, which is the only way I could download the video to preserve it. If any reader here has any guidance for me regarding how to “un-zip” the file I downloaded, please leave a comment under this article. Many thanks.

Here are a few words with which to urge all readers here to click the link below and view the video at its home-page on the STOP WORLD CONTROL’s site.

Dr Carrie Madej, a TMM favorite, is featured in this hard-hitting look at Mode-RNA’s (my spelling, for emphasis on the RNA factor) remarkable science for a super-surveillance-empowered vaccine which has far-reaching implications for genetically modifying the human genome, including recipients’ DNA.  We all know about Monsanto’s genetically modified foods, but tech-giants and the vaccine industry are teaming up with power-mad governments and billionaires in an attempt to genetically modify your and my personal DNA. But the film is even more shocking than that. Throughout this rapidly-moving and gripping video are shown impactful realities which delve deeply into the planned and choreographed unfolding of the world-wide lock-down as official policy’s response to a virus pandemic which was man-made for a specific purpose.  Dr Madej, with only seven videos under her belt (each of which is a winner), truly shines in this one. What she shares with the world here is extremely alarming but at the same time informs the viewer with the science which verifies her premise of a great threat to humankind.

There are other doctors featured in this video, and in one section the film features Mike Adams’ prediction (several years ago!) about how governments would respond to any planned and executed global pandemic. That is an excellent (and somewhat absolving) presentation by Mr. Adams, aka “The Health Ranger”. But the film is packed with such treasures, is cutting-edge, and very nicely put together. TMM gives this one five stars with an exclamation point. But enough from me. Here is the hottest new flick out of the gates (and aimed directly at the Gates) brought to you by STOP WORLD CONTROL dot COM, at this link


Second: One of the most amazing articles denoting the great conspiracy for world ownership by authoritarian-minded power-mad psychopaths with huge bank accounts. The article is a comprehensive compilation revealing parts of the infra-structure of the vast conspiracy to forge a concentrated one-world governing agenda riding on the back of the COVID FEAR their media and authority entities have flooded into the minds of coutless millions of people. After viewing the video at the above linked page, then scroll down that page below her video and click on this title —


That link is: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/planned/


Third:  We’ve viewed Dr. Madej in the video above, and then we’ve opened the page to the STOP WORLD CONTROL article which shows clearly the collusion of nefarious authoritarian-minded collectivists working together to establish control over every cell in everyone’s human body.
Now let’s take a closer look into the nano-tech insanity floating around in vaccines. Take a thoughtful read for specific details of the science inside the vaccine industry in this piece by Jon Rappoport posted October 07 2020.


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  1. Am adding this on Sunday, October 11 2020.
    This video includes on-film footage of the man who invented the PCR “test” which WHO and CDC and NIH et al are using to manipulate numbers of current and/or new cases of the covid virus. Very important, because the man who created th test is actually telling us that the PCR is not a diagnostic test. It’s staggering information, so TMM highly recommends this one.

    Spiro Skouras AAAAA on PCR Tests
    We Are Being Lied To! Here Is How…
    205,263 views * Oct 3, 2020

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