News Alert: Tor joins the fray over Rule 41 Internet Control

Cyrellys Geibhendach, September 26, 2016. I broke into the morning Mind Mix Mashup radio show on Mind Mix Radio today (10 minutes in for a 10 minute interruption) to share an alert passed to me by Gray Wolf, an associate member of Manticore Group who is a savvy researcher on […]

Event Notice – Clinton Cash Free Viewing Today

FYI, Breitbart news will allow free viewing of the movie 'Clinton Cash' at 2pm and 8pm today on their website. Here is the link:   Additional interview with film maker aired today on Fox News. The Movie

Labeling Theory of Crime and Impact | Manticore Group

By Quintus Dias, with Concern and Attention to Harney County Oregon. The Labeling Theory of Crime and Impact   ALIEN TO THE COMMUNITY   Avoid being labeled and tagged by the establishment’s MSM as a dangerous alien to the community (Nazi criminal construct). Who does this?   The courts, the […]